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Sell all or part of your oil & gas royalties for one lump sum.

As a mineral rights owner, you receive a royalty interest check each month. But you may not enjoy dealing with the fluctuating value, increasing property taxes, keeping track of lease and depletion information, and worrying about the future. We offer you a solution.

REgroup will buy your royalty interests from you or an estate you are managing. You’ll receive an offer that’s often more than you would expect and eliminate all the hassles of ownership. Don’t wait until your property stops producing. Turn it into cash right now.

Fair. Our thorough valuation process leads to top-dollar bids - just submit your oil & gas royalty information.
Fast. One of our specialists will contact you with a bid in 48 hours or less - and we can close within 48 hours so you can get your money right away.
Convenient. REgroup handles all paperwork & filings for you.
No Costs. We cover all expenses, too - there are NO hidden fees.
No Risk. You have no obligation to accept our bid. So why not find out what your royalties are worth?

Top-dollar bids in 48 hours - call 1.800.590.6034